First project rehearsal

Our group has along way to come. we have been trying to make a more cohesive agreement through out our project in stead of it felling like four separate project combined together. Also we were missing a member of our team for our fist rehearsal so that hindered us. I believe that the presentation it self went well but we do need to be louder when we are speaking. We did get a lot off good feedback from the other students in our class and from our professors. we plan on using the feedback to streamline our presentation so we don’t go over the allotted time. Our group as a whole needs to communicate more to make the process of building the project easier and more efficient.

The Penn Achieves and Ancient Jedi texts

anciet jedi textsLast week my class and I took a field trip to Penn. The best part was the traffic into to Philly wasn’t that bad.  Penn is breathtaking the campus is nestled right into Philly.  Penn’s archives is very large and has books on various topics from most period and places in time. The Penn and Ursinus archives are different because the Penn archive has texts on various topics and Ursinus archive only have text about Ursinus and the surrounding area. I also saw Benjamin Franklins desk so that was cool. We also looked at many extremely old texts that reached shared a characteristic with one of the so-called Jedi texts. Honestly when this was brought up  I tollatly geeked out because I am a total star wars nerd. The books that we were shown all had similialar charecterics as the ancient Jedi texts. the books that we saw also were from all different cultures and places across the globe. Even the writings in the ancient Jedi texts look like how real texts are written. Many drawing were also similar of those that are in real manuscripts. We also looked at how the book it self was made can tell you where the book was made, when it was made, and sometimes who made it. Many of the older codexes were made from parchment with is dry animal skin . On some of the books we could even see the hair follicles on the pages. We also learned about depending on how the book was made or written can tell us how much money the person had that was writing it.


Social media in the Humanities

Last class a man who works on communication for the college of Ursinus talked to us. He talked about how social media can be used to help promote a humanities project. Social media is a great tool to use but it is also a great responsibility to have to make sure that your posts are Perfectly examined. In each picture you post you need permission to post it from each person.



Instagram is a great platform to use to connect with your readers. they can see pictures of the archives themselves or maybe just a picture of your day to day life. Pictures that are more personal will help your readers gain a connection with you. Make sure that your pictures are not too personal.

Twitter is also a great platform for many different things. twitter can be used for crowd sourcing ideas, connecting with readers, and finding other people working on the same types of projects as you. Twitter is a very unique platform, because it lets you send out a paragraph or even a short blurb very unprofessionally but extremely fast and efficient. Twitter Can be used to “retweet” thing and the way that works is you take someone else tweet and send it out to all the people that follows you.  The tweet see two groups of followers. Twitter is very expansive and your work can be seen by millions of people on twitter. I Defiantly will use twitter to promote my project. When I actually start the project I hope to post pictures of cool documents I find in the archives. the man that talked to the class also talked about Bear Make History groups doing a take over of the Ursinus Instagram. That would entail taking a bunch of picture and almost doing a day in the life of a Ursinus Bears Make History student.

Philly history is a week designed website that includes many pictures from the Philadelphia archive. Each picture has a map and location connected to it. the map is very cool because you can see where the historical building were and still are. Every photo on the website is dated. Having all the photos dated and having a location makes it easy to search for specific place and events.

Philly History is well designed if you know what you are looking for. It is a great tool to use if you want to look at Philly in the past. The web site show cases pictures of Philly from every different angle. the websites has pictures of famous buildings but also has picture of people at beaches. The pictures show Philly from all walks of life from many time periods. Philly history Does not argue for anything. this site is strictly a online archive of pictures. The web site ay to navigate because it has a search bar that allow you to search an address.  The website is a great tool for finding old photos and everything is sorted by location.

Primary evidence

Film television and radio interest me the most. What interests me the most is in the future people would be looking at the movies and tv we watch to get a better in sight on outlives. Historians could even use social media to figure out little details about our lives. Which is so interesting because it gives insight on peoples live that historian really could not get any other way. Movies and tv are a weird thing to call a primary source but they can tell historians more then you think about culture.  Documentaries are also primary evidence that can contribute to the study of a historian. News reals are also a great source. News reels can tell everything from the day to what was to world events. News reels can be found online from all over the world. News reels are really interesting because they tell the news from their world view which can help historians draw conclusions to why events happen. Comics like Persepolis can also show the troubles of people even being considered fiction. Even works of fiction can help historians understand what was going on and what the social climate was.

 History is  the study of the past events. History is a very interesting topic because there is some much to study. History is very interesting because history never end there is alway more to discover. history interests me very much, I believe we can learn a lot from history. History is a guide When we look back in history it can teach us many things and guide use to the correct answers. History is Neverending with is very interesting, history is being made everyday. History doesn’t change often but some times a new discovery will completely void a prior discovery. When the historical dogma is changed that is very interesting to me because it makes me think that what else is out of date. History what is history is such an odd question because everything becomes history in time. In a hundred years from now humans find a receipt from Burger King the humans will consider it history because it helps them under stand life as we live it today. That is  why I say everything is history because hopefully one day some one will be looking at a pair of nikes trying to find out what the swoosh means.

first blog

Hey I am Hunter Brown, I am currently a freshmen at Ursinus college. Im from Warwick New York. This semester Im am taking a class called bears make history. The course involves studying  artifacts from the Ursinus archives Anding making blog posts and using other ways to show what we are finding.